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0000011: Possibility to download the cheat of all games or only
It can be useful to be able to download the cheat for your game whitin the program, and then saves in a folder called codes.

Actually I use a little trick to download all the code thanks to your program and wget and a particular export list I made (It works in windows).

Here the link for wget and download the binaries:
http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm [^]

And you can download the modified export list (attachment).
Copy the export list *.bat file in the same directory as wget.exe file and double click on it.
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zip Download Cheat.zip (500) 2011-11-27 15:36
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Nice, I'll have a look at this soon. This feature has been requested before, but it slipped to the back of my mind. The stuff you've posted will give me a good start on it.