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0000016Wii Backup Manager[All Projects] Wii Backup Managerpublic2012-01-19 09:592012-01-19 09:59
Windows 7 64bitSP1
0000016: DVD Backup Batch mode crashing
When I start it, it rips first disc without problems, ejsct the drive and asks to isnert another dvd. After the disc is inserted, WBM fails with errors in log, and blocks access to drive 2 (destination drive). If I ry to exit WBM it says that I need to wait for the process to be finished.

I'm in a process of backing up my dvd collection so I wanted it to go semi-automatic in a batch...
Same as description. I tried different discs and games and it is easily reproduced always.
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html wbm-batch-error.html (270,928) 2012-01-19 09:59
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