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0000023: Incompatible with reading/adding Korean Wii games on USB HDD

WiiBackupManager appears to be unable to add any Korean Wii games to USB HDD, or read any that may be already be on the USB HDD.

Trying to read a USB HDD with Korean games will stop the app from reading and listing the available games once it gets to trying to read the first Korean game it finds. (More specifically, when it tries to read the first partition on the Korean game iso, WiiDisc.DoDisc -> Error reading partition)

Trying to add one from file results in it not being listed (same error, WiiDisc.DoDisc -> Error reading partition)
Try to read a USB HDD from Drive 1 / Drive 2.
Try to add a Korean Wii game from Files / DVD.
Appears to be caused by Korean Wii game partitions being encrypted with a different common key than the ordinary one non-Korean ones use, and WiiBackupManager not knowing that, and therefore trying to use the regular common key to decrypt them.

To detect which common key a partition is encrypted with, check the value of byte 0x1F1 in the partition's ticket. If the value is 0x01, use Korean Key, else use regular common key.
That should fix it.

Korean key: (taken from http://hackmii.com/2008/09/korean-wii/ [^])
63 b8 2b b4 f4 61 4e 2e 13 f2 fe fb ba 4c 9b 7e
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