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PCwindows 7 ultimate7 ultimate
0000005: Gamecube Games
don't load the ISO or *.rar games of gamecube

sometimes ago that is possible, but now is not possible

i'm cuban and my real lenguage is the SPANISH.. sorry but my english is bad

in the past that is posible, and donwload covers of gamecube, and know the name os my ISO ect...

wii backup mamanger was my mananger of Gamecube but now i don't have mananger of gamecube ....
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2011-11-14 09:32   
It ~was possible to load GameCube games on the files list before. Trying to transfer a GameCube ISO though would result in a corrupt file, only because it was never fully implemented. Once I get round to adding ~full support for GameCube games, it will be enabled again.
2011-11-14 09:35   
I've suspended this for now and will reopen it when I get round to implementing the GameCube support.