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0000006: visual styles
In WIndows XP, the visual styles cause the files list to turn black.
Select a different visual styles
still does it in latest build
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2011-11-15 22:05   
I've tried a few different things with this, but it still happens. It only happens with the file list.

I've went as far as deleting the list control and recreating it from scratch, also copying and pasting the control from the drives page, moving the tab so the DVD tab is first. It still happens. I can't reproduce the problem in a small test app.

It's a really strange bug that I will eventually figure out and want to kick myself for not seeing the solution..
2011-11-15 22:29   
Found it. I had a line of code that set the control as double buffered. I knew it was something simple, just hard to spot.

I'll send an an exe to test.
2011-11-15 23:22   
Fix confirmed and will be in the next release.