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Windows 764bit SP1
0000007: Feature Request
I am wondering if WiiBackupManager could create sfv files after converting files.
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2011-11-27 14:28   
I could add this if I have time although it's not really a priority because you can use the SHA-1 hash check to verify the actual game contents. There's also an MD5 function that can store the hash inside the WBFS files too. Both the CRC(sfv) and MD5 can't actually tell if a game is corrupt. They're only used to verify that the file hasn't changed over a period of time. The internal SHA-1 hash is absolute. If the hash check passes, the whole contents of the disc is in working order.
2011-11-29 00:42   
Since many people store wbfs files on ftp servers having an external hash verifier would be a nice feature for those users.
2011-11-29 01:02   
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OK, that sounds like a valid situation where you'd need the sfv. :)

I'll look into the CRC32 calculation and the layout of the sfv file. I need to compare the speed with existing tools to make sure it's up to par. What do you use just now?

My idea is to have the Calculate CRC32 (Create sfv file?) function in the tools menu and also an option to auto calculate the checksums ~after the transfers. It would need to be done in 2 stages since the whole file(s) need(s) to be hashed.

The checksum will change of you rename the titles, remove partitions etc. That's the bad thing about this and MD5, but they're still useful when you don't plan on making any changes to the files.

2011-11-29 04:36   
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Currently I use fsum ( http://www.slavasoft.com/fsum/ [^] ) and a .bat file to generate sfv files
the bat file is a simple affair conatining the following

for /f %%a IN ('DIR /b *.wbfs') do call _fsum.exe -js -jnc *.wb??>%%~na.sfv

the problem with sfv files is because they sometime will contain 2 files in the case of .wbf1


\Metroid Prime - Trilogy_[R3ME01]\ contains

R3ME01.sfv is a text file containing the following

; Generated by WiiBackupManager v0.4.5 build 76
; http://www.wiibackupmanager.tk/ [^]
; donate at http://tinyurl.com/DonateToWiiBackupManager [^]
; 3693117440 01:01.01 2011-01-01 R3ME01.wbf1
; 4294934528 01:01.01 2011-01-01 R3ME01.wbfs
R3ME01.wbfs 3F942E3C
R3ME01.wbf1 E5682908

; anything which contains the semicolon in the sfv file is optional and does not need to be included but if it's no trouble to add it why not