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0000009: Copying games reset when the program crash
Today I tried to copy many games, about 120 in another drive, WiiBackup Manager crash because I have a little problem on one of the usb port, the drive disconnect and then reconnect in about 5 second.
Then I was thinking if it's possible to create a Save Selection/Load Selection in the menu, in this way you can select all the game you want to copy, save the selection (in a file for example *.slt or *.slc) and then start the copy, if the program crash, or you have to interrupt the copy and switch off the pc it's possible to use the Load Selection function and start from where you stop the copying process.
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This already exists under "Select->Save to file". When you try to start the transfer again, you should be notified that some of the games already exist on the drive.
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Let me know if the existing save/load function weren't what you needed.